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Test Contracts for Incompatibility

Posted by Chris on June 25, 2013

While there a lot of solutions to manage / govern artifacts, using Source Code Management and a single folder / project to host the contract artifacts is sufficient. This provides a central means for all developers to collaborate and consume the artifacts whether it is in a JAX-WS Maven plugin, Enterprise Service Bus composition (BPEL) […]

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Moving MySQL Database Directory to a New Location

Posted by John on June 20, 2013

So you want to move your database directory due to your disk space reaching capacity or you are just up for the challenge. I ran into several issues when I attempted to move the mysql database directory over to a newly mounted drive. The main Linux culprit is file/directory permissions. If the permission are not […]

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How to cluster Infinispan in JBoss AS7

Posted by Chris on June 11, 2013

Hopefully this is helpful for those working with Infinispan as the documentation didn’t lay this out… currently listed as a TODO in the Infinispan WIKI. Edit the clustered.xml file located under /standalone/configuration. Within this configuration edit the section and change the entries for management and public elements to the actual IP address of the […]

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