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HKM WSO2 Support Services

Posted by Chris on May 6, 2016

HKM Consulting has been a consistent consumer and user of WSO2 products for 7 years starting with WSO2 ESB, BPS, DSS and Rules Server. More recently in the past 3 years, API Manager has been a staple and we are seeing an increasing number of organizations turn to it to help govern their growing resources. […]

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Developer Portals and Marketplaces, maturation of UDDI

Posted by Chris on May 6, 2016

Back in 2001/2002, the UDDI specification and initial public registries were meant to help provide a way for service consumers and providers to find and bind capabilities. The reality was that most Web Services instead statically bound to partners WSDL/XML Schemas. Fast forward today, the rise of Software as a Service platforms has increased the […]

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