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Playing Around with Docker 1.12.2 Swarm in Linux CentOS 7

Posted by John on October 27, 2016

Prerequisite: docker 1.12.2 installed in centos 7 Initially I thought it was required to set up a docker network bridge to allow the swarm member to communicate on the different CentOS hosts. This is not the case and it is extremely simple to get a Docker Swarm up and running within minutes. The first step […]

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Gap in Software Education?

Posted by Chris on October 8, 2016

Many years ago my father taught students at a local university around practical skills in architecture that they were never taught (how to quote a job accurately, why you need liability insurance….). It was surprising some of the answers they gave him on how little they would charge for creating a rendering or basic set […]

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The value of an integrated CI/CD stack, the developer console

Posted by Chris on October 2, 2016

In many organizations we see a hodge podge or best of breed approach towards performing Continuous Integration / Delivery. An example of this may be JIRA for user stories, GitHub for source code, Jenkins for builds/deployments etc. What is missing in this is a way to easily visualize the manufacturing of the various releases and […]

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