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HKM WSO2 Support Services

Posted by Chris on May 6, 2016

HKM Consulting has been a consistent consumer and user of WSO2 products for 7 years starting with WSO2 ESB, BPS, DSS and Rules Server. More recently in the past 3 years, API Manager has been a staple and we are seeing an increasing number of organizations turn to it to help govern their growing resources. […]

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Using custom sequences within WSO2 API Manager to integrate to SOAP endpoints

Posted by Chris on March 10, 2016

WSO2 API Manager provides the ability to leverage the embedded ESB functionality via Mediation Policies. This is enabled when you create an API within API Manager in the Manage Step. Under the Configurations section, you can enable┬áthe Message Mediation Policies and select an IN, OUT and FAULT sequence. But what is a sequence, how do […]

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OSB 12c Maven package / pre-integration-test fails

Posted by Chris on March 1, 2015

Recently was working with OSB 12c and attempting to execute the package and pre-integration-test phases. Both of these failed indicating that the plugin could not be found. Through further examination the documentation indicates that the groupId is Looking at the .m2/repository the artifactId, oracle-servicebus-plugin, was not located under but rather Updating the […]

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WSO2 VFS fails to process POX

Posted by Chris on August 12, 2014

When trying to consume a POX Message, WSO2 VFS transport returns with an error: 2014-08-12 16:21:52,579 [-] [vfs-Worker-8] ERROR VFSTransportListener Error processing File URI : sftp://XXX:XXX@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/directory/Sample.xml org.apache.axiom.soap.SOAPProcessingException: First Element must contain the local name, Envelope , but found This is resolved by changing the contentType for the VFS transport from text/xml to application/xml. Once this […]

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WSO2 VFS/SFTP: Expected / after hostname

Posted by Chris on August 12, 2014

If you run into an error with WSO2 ESB using the VFS transport, make sure your password does not include a @ symbol. This causes the transport to assume what follows is the hostname of the SFTP server. Changing the password resolved the issue. Below is an example of the vfs string: vfs:sftp://[user]:[p@ssword]@[hostname]/directory Instead change […]

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Simple CSV Solution from Apache

Posted by Chris on July 13, 2014

Just used Apache Commons-CSV for parsing CSV files. You will need to use Maven to build a snapshot but works well.

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Add SOAP Header in Apache Ode/ WSO2 BPS

Posted by Chris on October 30, 2013

If one needs to add a SOAP Header to a a partner invoke there is a simple means to do so. Create a BPEL Assign with a Literal to Variable copy. An example is shown below and in that example make a note that in the bpel:to, the header attribute takes the literal value and […]

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