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Docker, making complex demos possible and training delivery simpler

Posted by Chris on July 17, 2017

In my last post I spoke of the tutorial that takes full advantage of Docker to create a portable / fast mechanism for parties to leverage a solution set with minimal effort. In our work with clients developing training material, we have approached it in the same fashion using Docker, Docker Compose and other […]

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AWS new Linux Container Image

Posted by Chris on November 16, 2016

Got a chance to speak with Trevor Jones from TechTarget on the new AWS Linux Container Image being offered and an article he was putting together. The discussion centered around how AWS Linux is the defacto by many teams due to the lack of licensing costs and its ability to run across the various AMIs. […]

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Playing Around with Docker 1.12.2 Swarm in Linux CentOS 7

Posted by John on October 27, 2016

Prerequisite: docker 1.12.2 installed in centos 7 Initially I thought it was required to set up a docker network bridge to allow the swarm member to communicate on the different CentOS hosts. This is not the case and it is extremely simple to get a Docker Swarm up and running within minutes. The first step […]

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To Fork or not to Fork, that is the question….

Posted by Chris on September 8, 2016

Discussion around the forking of Docker to stabilize the base container features is the topic that has kicked up again. Check out the article by Beth Pariseau @ TechTarget.

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Stateless vs. Stateful containers discussion

Posted by Chris on August 17, 2016

Got a chance to collaborate on an article with TechTarget regarding whether stateless containers or stateful containers are the correct path to go when containerizing infrastructure. We see the need for both due to legacy applications and or architecture considerations. Container State Article

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Docker for AWS (Docker 1.12) Test Drive

Posted by John on July 20, 2016

We were accepted into the Docker for AWS Beta and started kicking the tires. Docker grants access to their S3 bucket that has the Docker for AWS Cloudformation template and provides a link. We created a very basic stack with only a single swarm manager and a single swarm worker. The service we are deploying […]

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Immutable Awesomeness…. DockerCon 2016

Posted by John on July 15, 2016

I had the opportunity to attend DockerCon 2016 in Seattle. I attended several sessions and there were some amazing presentations. The following presentation stood out with me and it is definitely worth the time to watch. John Willis and Josh Corman explain the risks and costs of having¬†inconsistent infrastructure.¬†John¬†explains the benefits of using methodologies to […]

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