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Smartbear Swagger/OpenAPI Certification now available!

Posted by Chris on July 22, 2016

Working with the fine folks at Smartbear and Wiseclouds, we have completed the development of a Swagger/OpenAPI certification course and it is now ready for signups. A lot of effort has been put into this course to show how Swagger/OpenAPI impacts the full SDLC and how OpenAPI members are making this specification core / central […]

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HKM now part of Swagger Champion community

Posted by Chris on July 19, 2016

We have been working closely with Tony Tam and his team at Smartbear. As part of this effort we have been approved to act as a Swagger Champion and will be promoting the education and goodness of the Swagger/OpenAPI Specification, Tooling and more recent SwaggerHub service.

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SwaggerHub integrations

Posted by Chris on June 28, 2016

SwaggerHub, by Smartbear, is a focus by Tony Tam and his team in using the Swagger API document as a central coordinator in various API activities including client generation, server generation, API management, test automation, and service virtualization. SwaggerHub integrations take these features and trigger activities such as Service Virtualization, AWS API Gateway setup and […]

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Swagger Certification Training

Posted by Chris on June 13, 2016

Working with Wiseclouds and Smartbear, we are collaborating with Tony Tam (founder of Swagger) on creating a Swagger Certification Training class to be offered in July, August and September. Smartbear is currently working on the registration materials as we put together the training content, demonstrating how Swagger affects many parts of the software development lifecycle. […]

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Developer Portals and Marketplaces, maturation of UDDI

Posted by Chris on May 6, 2016

Back in 2001/2002, the UDDI specification and initial public registries were meant to help provide a way for service consumers and providers to find and bind capabilities. The reality was that most Web Services instead statically bound to partners WSDL/XML Schemas. Fast forward today, the rise of Software as a Service platforms has increased the […]

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Booknds 0.6 Beta released

Posted by Chris on March 23, 2016

We have just release 0.6 Beta of Booknds and made it available for use today. This new release includes the following features and enhancements: UI simplification in the definitions section Update of the supported MIME types as well as Custom types Swagger Hub Integration Support for JSON Schema Array types Youtube demonstrations will be created […]

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Swagger walkthrough by TechTarget

Posted by Chris on March 8, 2016

Nice walkthrough and discussion around the use of Swagger and simplifying the API documentation effort.

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