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Controlling StaXON processing in WSO2 for JSON Arrays

Posted by Chris on June 20, 2016

If you are in the process of attempting to adjust what the embedded streaming XML API solution does then consider using XSLT and XML Processing Instructions. StAXON supports the use of processing instructions to control the creation of an array, even if there is only a single object. Prior to the element which you would […]

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JSON Array control with StAXON in WSO2 ESB

Posted by Chris on June 13, 2016

Great post by Yenlo and documentation by the StaXON team on controlling array behavior when serializing from XML to JSON. In our case, we used XSLT to take a SOAP response and add the xml-multiple processing instructions prior to the repeating element. This combined with xsl:for-each to loop against the elements which followed […]

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HKM WSO2 Support Services

Posted by Chris on May 6, 2016

HKM Consulting has been a consistent consumer and user of WSO2 products for 7 years starting with WSO2 ESB, BPS, DSS and Rules Server. More recently in the past 3 years, API Manager has been a staple and we are seeing an increasing number of organizations turn to it to help govern their growing resources. […]

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Using custom sequences within WSO2 API Manager to integrate to SOAP endpoints

Posted by Chris on March 10, 2016

WSO2 API Manager provides the ability to leverage the embedded ESB functionality via Mediation Policies. This is enabled when you create an API within API Manager in the Manage Step. Under the Configurations section, you can enable┬áthe Message Mediation Policies and select an IN, OUT and FAULT sequence. But what is a sequence, how do […]

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HKM to speak on OAuth2 at API Craft Meetup, March 30

Posted by Chris on March 10, 2016

Heading up to Smartbear’s offices for the next API Craft Meetup on March 30. We will be discussing our experiences with OAuth2 protocol and then performing a demonstration using Booknds Swagger Editor, WSO2 API Manager, Surf OAuth Resource Server and Spring Boot. The goal of the discussion will be to focus on the Authorization Code […]

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Using Booknds to simplify API Management in WSO2 API Manager

Posted by Chris on March 4, 2016

Booknds provides a fast and easy way to design APIs and introduce them into API Manager products. One such product is WSO2’s API Manager. We got a chance to build some APIs for a client and used Booknds to create the swagger definition. Within WSO2 API Manager, the swagger definition was used in API Manager […]

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Pass-through of OAuth2 Token to backend API

Posted by Chris on February 19, 2016

If you are using WSO2 API Manager, the default behavior for the OAuth2 Tokens is that they are stripped from outbound responses by the APIAuthenticationHandler. In certain instances, you may want to pass this token as is to the backing API for user credentials. The following post points out that the api-manager.xml has a configuration […]

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