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JSON Array control with StAXON in WSO2 ESB

Posted by Chris on June 13, 2016

Great post by Yenlo and documentation by the StaXON team on controlling array behavior when serializing from XML to JSON. In our case, we used XSLT to take a SOAP response and add the xml-multiple processing instructions prior to the repeating element. This combined with xsl:for-each to loop against the elements which followed […]

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Importing a SOA Archive (Exported from EM) back into JDeveloper

Posted by John on March 8, 2016

If you don’t have the access to the projects original source but you can access the deployed SOA Archive then you can import the project back into JDeveloper with some minor updates. The first step is to export the project from Enterprise Manager. Right mouse click on the selected project and select Export: Review the […]

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Simple XPath Examples

Posted by Chris on April 24, 2014

Nice blog post by Chris Tomkins at Oracle focusing on simple XPath examples.

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