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Always playing catchup?

Save Time and Leverage our Knowledge.

We provide executive training solutions to support the needs of CXOs around software strategy, shared services and cloud computing. One-on-One training saves you time and money, reducing your level of effort in gaining subject-matter expertise.

What concerns do you have?

Q: Can you provide an example of an Executive Training session?

A: A financial client had a need to train 15 CTOs in specific topics related to cloud computing such as regulatory issues, compliance and cost. In addition, the two-day training needed to occur in 3 months. HKM developed the custom training session and delivered on-site receiving rave reviews from the attendees.

Q: Can the content be specific to our organization and our specific challenges?

A: Absolutely. HKM’s Executive Training can provide very specific customizations using our Assessment Services to extract the details or for more general items, via our interview process.

Q: There are plenty of resources out there. Why purchase Executive Training when I can learn it myself?

A: HKM’s Executive Training is based off the countless consulting hours/engagements we participate in which cannot be replicated in traditional training, literary resources or online. You get the benefit of this expertise in a condensed session without the significant time and effort.

Questions about the executive training for you and your company? We have the answers.